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Expect Fresh Coffee, Flowers and More at Poppyseed Rye - The Beacon Clarendon Blog

Expect Fresh Coffee, Flowers and More at Poppyseed Rye

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There aren’t many places where you can devour a fresh sandwich as a garden of beautiful blooms flourishes overhead. Maybe that’s why Poppyseed Rye has already started earning fans despite only recently opening its doors. Part coffeehouse, part florist, it serves coffee, fresh sandwiches, and artfully arranged bouquets—and is fittingly adorned with bright blossoms.

Stop by for lunch and sink your teeth into one of the crafts “handhelds,” like the meat-free marinated artichoke. The chef complements the artichoke with roasted peppers, tomatoes, onion, baby arugula, and a kalamata olive tapenade, all stuffed inside of a crusty sub roll. Prefer your Sammy with some meat? Try the smoked turkey sandwich on sourdough with baby arugula and brie, plus roasted red peppers and roasted pepper mustard. You can also lighten things up by choosing a toast instead—perhaps one topped with hummus and olive tapenade or heirloom tomato and avocado. Or swing by after work with a friend and nosh on a charcuterie board as you savor a glass of wine or a pint of craft beer. You can also pick up a fresh bouquet while you’re there (or order one online).

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