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Leave the Cooking to the Pros at European Market Kitchen and Cafe

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Part eatery, part gourmet grocery store, European Market Kitchen and Cafe has something for every foodie. If you’re the type who likes to spend time in the kitchen preparing your own food, gather imported groceries from the marketplace and take them home for a cooking session. If you’d rather let someone else do the hard work, sit down for a meal in the cafe.

The chef uses ingredients from the market to create classic European dishes for you to savor. Start with Spanish meatballs simmered in San Marzano tomato broth or fried calamari paired with chipotle aioli and Neapolitan sauce. For the second course, order something from the pasta bar. You choose the type of pasta and the sauce, so you can mix and match options like penne, gnocchi, and fettuccine with beef Bolognese, pesto and pecorino, and Puttanesca sauce. Then for the main course, try an authentic Neapolitan pizza. The Verdone features a layer of pesto with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and vincotto, while the carbonara showcases crispy bits of bacon and an over-easy egg.

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